Monday, March 17, 2008

Jesica Leland, 1969

As an actress, this is just about the best head shot they could get of me. I was always spaced out, could not face the world without downers and uppers, thought Valley of the Dolls was about role models.
I'd work with one photographer after another. There was always a look of fear and sadness in my eyes. I might not be thinking it or feeling it but the sadness just broadcast from my eyes.
Nothing was ever right in those days. After slipping into porn movie making and modeling just to pay the bills, I got scared that everyone I saw on the street recognized me from the work I'd been doing. So I packed up and ran away from Hollywood to live on a commune with Timothy Leary, in the canyons where Orange County runs into Riverside. It was canyons back then, all open country, with little settlements of hippies in the Woods.

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