Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bartlett Illinois 1955 pictures of innocence lost

THREE SISTERS in Bartlett Illinois.
These photos illustrate the story that can be read at City of Angels 1 and 2. In photo at left is me Kay, at the bottom, just about 1 year old. Patricia is in the middle, first to be handled by Father Thomas Barry Horne (Pictured below), in fact Horne was just getting to Patricia, the middle sister, around the time this photo was taken. At top is Peggy (Margaret) who was too old for the pedophile priest's tastes. She ran away soon after this picture was taken, angry in part at all the attention Patricia was getting. In later years Peggy grew to be homicidal.

Pictured below is Father Thomas Barry Horne, who I know raped my sister Patricia and me from about 1949 to 1954, starting with her at age 5, when she got too old for his tasted he dropped her for me, when I turned around 5. Also pictured below St. Peter Damian Church c. 1955, founded by Horne in 1949.

To read the story this illustrates click the link in the top left column.

-- Kay Ebeling

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